AC Servo Drive ∑-5 Series


Servo Sigma V was developed in respond to user which recognized by people around the worldto be efficient in term of speed & accuracy and each unit iseasy to maintenance. Servo Sigma V is widely used inindustrial factory such as automotive, plastic, textile etc.

Outstanding Performance

Speed Loop Bandwidth of 1.6 kHz

  • Shortens the settling time, reduces thepositioning time, higher throughput Overload 350% for 3 – 5 sec
  • High peak torque, fast acceleration, noamplifier oversizing Ambient Temperature 0 – 55 °Cwithout derating
  • No air conditioning, reduced cooling High encoder resolution:
  • 20 bit => 1.048.576 information perrevolution Highest positioning  accuracy, better product quality,less waste

Space Saving

Reduced overall package size

  • Less mounting space, moreamplifiers in a smaller cabinet.

Proven Quality

More than 8.000.000 servo systemsin the field

  • Improved machine reliability,reduced service and maintenance costs,less standstill time

Easy Tuning

Advanced Autotuning, OneParameter Tuning

  • Faster commissioning, for 80% of applications notuning necessary

Excellent anti vibration control

  • Simpler mechanics with less weight,higher machine production,less energy consumption

Safety Features

Advanced Functional Safety

  • Meets new Machinery Directive,maintenance and commissioning during machine operates, less external components.

Unrivaled System Integration

Servo Amplifiers

  • 200 V class, 300 W to 15 kW
  • 400 V class, 300 W to 15 kW
  • Analog/Pulse, Mechatrolink-2embedded, Mechatrolink-3 embedded

Rotary Servo Motors

  • 5 different rotary motor series inlow and medium inertia
  • 200 V class, 300 W to 15 kW, 1.96 Nm to 95.4 Nm
  • 400 V class, 200 W to 15 kW, 1.96 Nm to 95.4 Nm
  • Motor vibration resistance 5 G
  • Incremental/absolute encoder

 Servo Motor and Servo Pack

AC Servo Drive ∑-5 Series