AKK Series (MV Asynchronous Motor)

Asynchronousmotor( Frame Nc.355 ~Nc.355~1000mm ) are designed with the optimized design technique of computer. With thematerial chosen exquisitely and products excellent technique, such motors areengineered with many remarkable features such as high efficiency, low noise,small vibration , Light weight. Reliable performance, easy mounting andmaintenance etc.

This series motors can meat the requirements for all kinds of workingconditions and are with protectiondegree:IP23,IP44 or IP54.The winding of motorwill be provided with F insulation and moisture proof performance after it istreated with vacuum pressure impregnation.

Thisseries motors comply with China National standard GB755\ Andtolerance meet Chinese National standard GB 1800-1804 and relevant IECstandard. Thisseries motors can be designed as:3kV,6kV and 10kV(and others depend on theorders).The rated frequency is 50Hz.duty is S1