AR  Series (MV Slip Ring Motor)

Slip ring High Voltage Motor, is used todrive Windlass, Press machinery, Crusher, Stock-removing, drawbench and othergeneral-purpose machinery. They can serve as the prime movers in steel, mines,mechanical industries, blower, compressor, transportation, building materialsindustry, etc. field. The motor has such advantage as high efficiency,energy-saving, low Noise, low vibration, high start torque, low start current,light weight and reliable performance.

AR large-sized three-phase Asynchronous motor (center height 710-1000mm), its power degree, installation size and electric performance complies withrequirements in the standard IEC, “Quotation and Performance of RotatingElectric Machine” GB 755 and “Basic Technique Conditions forLarge-sized Three-phase Asynchronous motor” GB/13957-95 and increase thecapacity equal to 10kV motor.

This new serial motor is compact in structure, high in efficiency, excellentin insulation performance and easy in installation and maintenance, ratedfrequency is 50HZ, F class insulation. The type of installation is horizontalwith foot (IMB3), S1 continues in work type, 6000V or 10000V ratedvoltage.