CJ2H Series

The CJ2H Series is idea for advanced machine automation needs suchas those required in image processing inspection of  electrical component and high speed sortingon conveyors.

The CJ2H’s Advanced motion control avoids the use of expensivemotion controllers. Synchronized control is possible on up to 20 axes by usingjust five Position Control unit. And, programming is easy – simply paste anelectronic cam function block into a synchronized interrupt task.

  • Always accessiblethrough standard USB Port.
  • Standard Ethernet port with Ethernet/IP Data Link function.
  • High programcapacity of up to 400Ksteps.
  • Higher precisionfor machine operation and processing quality.
  • Immediaterefreshing of basic I/O ensures real-time processing faster response means higher precision and better quality.
  • High data memorycapacity of up to 832Kwords.