High Performance Low Cost Controller for Rotating Cutters and Flying Shears & Saws
  • New stand-alone precision controller for the specific motion profile of FlyingShears and Saws.
  • Alsomost suitable for smaller machines with limited budget, due to a very competitive price.
  • Self-optimizing polynomial speed profile to ensure extremely smooth motion and gentle tool treatment for best service life.
  • High accuracy and repeatability, even with high line speeds, due to a 300 kHz frequency range of the incremental encoder inputs.
  • Continuous closed-loop position control with only 250 µsec of cycle time, there fore outstanding dynamic features and high cutting precision even during changes of the line speed.
  • Suitable for operation with all electric or hydraulic 4-quadrant drives providing a +/-10V  speed input.
  • Instantly ready for use, with easy setup and commissioning via Windows PC software(freeware), resulting in successful machine operation within shortest time.
  • The controller can be operated by means of control keys or thumbwheel switches on the front side, as well as by remote operation terminals or by serial link.
  • Direct PROFIBUS access is possible with use of gateway model PB251
  • CompactDIN housing for front panel mounting.