Servomotor MA Series

These asynchronous motors have been specially engineered to achievedimensions of DC motors of similar power and to be suitable for high performance flux vector type controllers invariable Speed applications. The distinctive electromagnetic and mechanical design permitsoperation in constant power mode at maximum speeds of up to 8000 RPM. The efficient stator cooling system uses anauxiliary electrofan to combine the benefits of reduced dimensions and high, continuous, low-speed torque capability.

The main characteristic :

  • Three-phase, 4 pole star winding with no access to neutral
  • Squirrel-cage rotor
  • Construction with low losses laminated sheet
  • Square from, compact
  • High, top speed capability
  • Thermal protection by thermostat embedded in stator winding
  • High overload capability
  • Degree of protection IP54 andIP23
  • Insulation class F
  • IP23 13KW-524KW
  • IP54 2.5KW-342KW