SIMATICS7-1500 advanced controller with its many innovations sets new standards formaximum productivity. This is benefit both for small series machines and for complex plants with high demands in terms of speed and deterministic response. TheSIMATIC S7-1500 is perfectly integrated into the Totally Integrated Automation Portal(TIA Portal) for maximum engineering efficiency.

Scalability :

The S7-1500 has a modular structure and isscalable in its functionality. Upward compatibility and expandability ensurecost-efficiency and security of investment.



Performance : The S7-1500 reduces the machine responsetimes, permits greater productivity by means of shorter cycles.

Technology : Integrated The S7-1500 enables the integration ofmotion control without any additional modules.

One controller for standard and fail-safe : Safety Integrated permits the connectionof  PROFIsafedevices via PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

Integrated system diagnostics : The S7-1500 offers a diagnosticfunctionality that is already integrated in the system, without the need forany further programming.

Engineering in the TIA Portal : The S7-1500 is seamlessly integratedinto the TIA Portal